Friday, September 30, 2005

At Home With Our Own Bodies

Welcome to the blog. A bit more about me. I am a very sexually open person, meaning I will talk about, discuss, argue over, and take part in sexual topics and actions whenever feasible. This will become more apparent as the posts go along. Secondly, until very recently, I had my own sex phone service for females only, relating specifically to body fantasies they had about themselves. Over and over again, two areas came up for fantasy discussion between me and my clients -- belly and breasts. After getting out of the business, I asked a few of my regular clients to send further emails to me to discuss body image issues and fantasies online. They have been very kind, and I have some in reserve. I encourage any other women reading this to send an email to exploreros [at]

Being free of any judgments from others, and in a safe, explorational environment, the women I've spoken with are very honest about parts of their body they get judged on all the time, and how they'd love to have them worshipped, played with, expanded or decreased (sometimes to extremes). The brunette with healthy 34 B's that want to see their cups runneth over as they watch -- B to DDD in an instant...those with already-large breasts that want to play that they are a Vegas stripper forced to have saline implants at regular intervals, ballooning their breasts to bra-breaking get the idea.

Many women I spoke with have two very different ideals as to how their bellies are perceived. There is the public belly, always trying to diet, always trying to lose that extra inch...then there is the playful, erotic side that loves the softness, the roundness, the look of a rounded belly -- the way it looks in jeans, belly shirts, sweats. They never admit it to others, not even close girlfriends, but they loved telling me all about it. Their stories were surprising, fun, playful, erotic...and true. And I bring a selection of them to you here. In modern-day America where the food police are around every corner to berate you over what, when, and how much you eat, and what your body *must* look like, it ended up creating an awful lot of closeted belly and breast obsessed women. Letting them run free with their stories and fantasies was an education for me as well. I know I am a better lover because of them.


The Note

"To: BL
Fr: CH
Re: Response to your post

OK, so I thought I'd respond to your topic on --website--. I never thought I'd be admitting this to anyone, but then again you seem like someone who knows where I am coming from.

I have had issues with my body since I was a teenager. For many years I went with a guy who was so into himself physically that the woman in his life had to be into her body. I don't mean from a healthy perspective either...he had me eating next to nothing to achieve some goal that was pure B.S. He was a definite control freak, but you know how we do stupid things for love sometimes. Well, I dumped him a while back and decided to take control of my body back.

One thing he always focused on was getting my belly to be as small as possible. I now know that I have limits for how I want my body to look, but I kinda always liked my belly with a little curve to it. Belly shirts are still the fashion, and I like to have a little something to show with them.

As a result of being with my ex, I never bought clothes. I am a poor college student. I got clothes twice a year, on my birthday, and on Christmas. I made those last as long as possible. Until now. Now that I am eating healthier, but still eating, I am dreaming about getting some new jeans. Something with a little more room in the front because my old ones are cutting into me just a bit.

I had a disturbing fantasy as part of a dream about a week ago. I went and bought new jeans, but they had a stretchy panel in the front, just like maternity jeans. This was disturbing to me only in the fact that I thought this was a really hot idea. I thought of how I could over-develop my belly with food, and how comfortable it would be with that extra space. Good for holiday dinners! LOL. I think this was because of my old jeans digging in to me just a bit, but it also got me thinking if I haven't developed a fetish for my own belly hehe.

Then I read your post, and I couldn't believe my eyes. You see the same part of the body as an errogenous (sp?) zone? How cool is that!! And yes, I do give you permission to post these notes between us, as long as you keep me anonymous. Sexy email sounds hot -- keep me going!! ;)

Talk with ya soon, sexy!

~CH (she of the rounding belly and boobs LOL)"

...suddenly, the room got very, very hot :) Welcome to my blog...


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Bellies, bellies, I love female bellies. I love the way they move, sway, bounce and jiggle when they walk. And belly shirts? Ohmigod. More later...I have plenty to get off my chest.